Piro.lv assortment includes CE certified pyrotechnic products at competitive prices. You can purchase petards, crackers, single shots, fire fountains, colourful smoke, Roman candles and batteries with professional effects. Please see all sections of our assortment:

“Piro recommends” – here we offer some of the special products that have no analogues, or new products recently included in our assortment. You will also find product sales at reduced prices in this section.

“Fireworks batteries” – you can choose fireworks with various effects and number of shots. The number of shots within batteries is 8-120 with several colour, visual and sound effects.

“Other” – here you will find single shots, crackers, lanterns, bees and other products for all possible needs so that all your guests can have a good time.

“Petards” – this section is for hunters only. Petards may only be purchased by hunting permit holders. These legislative amendments have been introduced in order to prevent the possibility of petards being purchased by children and youth. ATTENTION! Other pyrotechnics of Classes 1, 2 and 3, except for petards, may be used by any person starting from the age of 18 years.

“Roman candles” – available with or without sound effects. We have it all – from the smallest ones with colour effect only to the largest ones with a charge to up to 40m high and 20m wide charge effect in various colours.

“Fire fountains” – or volcanoes are available with crackle effects or as a fire fountain only without any sound. The smallest volcanoes are only 1m high whereas the strongest can reach up to 4m in height. There are several colours and additional effects available, for example the product “Clown”.

Piro.lv recommends using the selection tools of the left upper side, which will allow quickly to select the necessary products by price, duration and number of shots.